Graphite powder EDM 99,5

Graphite powder

Special grinding


Typical applications: Pencils, Lubricants, Carbon brushes, Plastics, Powder metallurgy

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Carbon Content:min 99,5 %
Ash:< 0,5 %
Particle size:min 99,5 % < 40 µm
Laserdiffraction (Sympatec Helos):d10:≦ 6 µm
d50:9 - 14 µm
d90:≦   40 µm
Typical Values:
Carbon content:99,70%
Particle size:1,00%40 µm
99,90%< 40 µm
Laserdiffration (Sympatec Helos):d10:4 µm
d50:11 µm
d90:25 µm

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